Monday, September 23, 2013

Capstone 4

Revitalizing events took place this week. I was getting really worried about how excited everyone was with big hands little objects while I was extremely nervous and worried about it on both a programming side of things and actual fun game play as well as scope!

Chris came to out meeting the other night with a new out look on magnets which all of us absolutely loved. I always envisioned magnets as a co-op platform puzzler.  Chris felt we were backing ourselves into a over-saturated genres making us compete against some really big name titles i.e Portal.  So he noticed how fun it was for people to just go really fast fly across the screen and take advantage of perfect timing to switch polarity.  With this in mind he pitched magnets to us as a racer with some fancy models to go along with it.  A racer puzzle seemed to have a lot of promise and Evan got really excited. With the tools I provided last week Evan jumped into unity and within the hour we had a rather interesting climbing speed puzzle that the player had to try to navigate to the top with.  Speed was key and after messing with it for another hour we all realized we were having a lot of fun with this.  We looked at big hands, my worries and decided to send it to the back burner and focus all of our effort into getting this to go forward and iterating on this as quickly as possible.  Evan gave me a list of new mechanics he wanted added to the game before testing and I went to work.  Giving the player the ability to increase and reduce the power of his charge field using a scroll wheel,   a mini map so our player can view the power field around him as he is hurdling towards them at high speed before it's too late,  and a very sonic esk charge up ability where you spam on key and when you stop you got to max charge for and then slowly decay over time.  I busted these out within a few hours and handed them back to Evan.  He made more levels and my next list of tasks which i hope to finish before we attempt to challenge this week.

Wish us luck!

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