Friday, January 24, 2014

Capstone: Another Week Another Post

This week current progress in continuing ahead as planned. For my part working on the level editor has continued on the side.  The piece you want to build with can be selected from a pop up menu by pressing the Y button.  The piece can then be moved around and placed snapping to a correct location.  You can then pick the object back up, spawn another, or delete it.  After having the player have full 360 degree control I also decided to limit the builders movement and rotation, we are a 2.5D, so there is no need to allow the player to move in the z direction, it just causes confusion.  Camera controls will still need to be work on within the editor but for now it's fine.  I'm much more focused on making sure builders can't play multiple objects on top of one another, and visual feedback for where the piece will be placed.

Outside of the level editor getting or games controls to work on anything but Pc and Xbox have become an inherent problems especially since our professor has a mac leaving him unable to see, play, and get a better feel for our game.  So it made the perfect excuse for me to go ahead and implement a input wrapper for unity. As of a few days ago I have a class that will allow input to be completely separate from out game , this means that as long as we set it up our game can and will run on any platform Mac, Linux, OUYA, Android, you name it and we can make VXT work with it, all without changing any code.

In other news it looks like the designers are starting to come up with other features and task for me to work on.  I was told I would receive a priority and specification list within a day or two, I can't wait to see what they have come up with to make our game even better. Either way it's time to get back to work.


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