Friday, October 18, 2013

Capstone 5

Well, we challenged this week. I felt like it went horribly.  The prototype was messy. Our pretension ran too long.  Our mechanics are super over complicated and as Gilly and Evan attempted to demonstrate our prototype it became painfully obvious.  After attempting to sell our train wreck of a game we had a large meeting about how we were all on different pages. Chris pictured this game as a fast pace racer. Our designers looked at it more as a puzzler and I just wanted it to work better.  We decided to have a meeting at Chris's house for him to show us some games he thought we should be more like.  After watching them play a large variety of games that I can't remember the names of we stated that we were all on the same page and went back to work.  We somehow pasted stage one and started working on market research for stage two. Which for me meant just try to make the game work better while they worry about target demographic and so on.  Even with this "new" understanding our game was still very clunky people were very focused on story and there was still no fun game play to be had. We have a meeting about new innovation next week hopefully that will put us back on the right track because it's looking to be too late at this point.

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