Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Capstone 6 A ray of hope

As I spoke briefly about in my last blog post we decided to make a radical change to the direction of our game in a last ditch effort to get something more presentable, fun, innovative, and simple to even have a chance to move forward.  We liked the idea of opposing forces attracting and repelling, we didn't like how bogged down and sluggish the game felt to not only watch but play.  We decided to make this game much, much faster.  And drop 85% of the mechanics/controls.  You are still a generator wheel...thing  the story behind which is still being worked on but now there are only 3 main controls.  left in right on the right control stick moves the character while the right control stick aims a polarized semi circle shield and right trigger changes that polarity.  The idea is similar, you have to navigate the space to the end of the level while avoid obstacles and using the environment to your advantage.  At a much higher speed and with more fluid interactions.  You can now climb on walls and ceilings if the walls are polarized and you aim your shield of opposite polarized towards it. There are speed boost that if you hit with the same polarity will send you flying in a specific direction to help you get places faster or over objects.  There will be projectiles that hone in on you that you can reflect by using your polarity shield of same color.

Overall the game is much more simple, fast paced, fluid and fun. Which is exactly what we were hoping for from the beginning.  We can only hope we figured this out with enough time to spare in order to continue to move forward. Only time can tell.  Wish us luck.

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