Friday, February 28, 2014

Capstone Midterm Review

This week was all about midterm and preparing for break. Not much additional programming was done due to the fact that we just finished our sprint towards midterm and GMGF.

 We did have two substantial contributions to moving our game forward outside of bug fixes. The new player model has finally been finished and as such we had to implement the new player into the existing levels and swap out the old one.   The layout of the player changed drastically so the way our scripts communicated between the shield and the actual player had to be modified to compensate.  We also had to re hook up all the visual effects and scale colliders so that this new player felt exactly like the old, just looking much cooler.

 Other than that, VXT being a game all about high scores we made changes to our high score screen online allowing for more attractively viewable content. The highscores from green mountain games fest has been immortalized on our website in a much nicer and more dynamic layout then before.

We also planned on moving forward.  The following week is our "spring break" which is code word for time you get to work on all of your projects while not having to go to class.  We have a lot of levels that need to be made and the plan is to bust out a 5 more over the course of our break. This will inevitably come with bug fixes, polish and graphics programming to make these levels really pop.

More the the programming front, after seeing what happened during Green Mountain Games Fest, and knowing that those computer will be what we are programming on, we will need to make heavy advances to optimizing our game so that it can run at top efficiency for the senior show.

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