Friday, February 14, 2014

Capstone: Midterms in sight.

This past week was quite a busy one for our Senior Production team. We were a little worried about our current progress and we really need to get down due some work and get it tested. We had a large work meeting last Sunday where we started creating four levels and the mechanics they each would introduce.  We ended the day with four white boxed levels and four iterations of mechanics.

The mechanics that we got working were the shatter mechanic in which when the player collides with this objects with the correct shield out they will shatter the object and continuing moving.  If they don't use the right shield it will slow them down.  We're taking this to testing to hopes to find out if the speed reduction is too much and if we actually want the player to use any shield color or match the correct color.

 Falling platforms were the next basic mechanic that we finished right now we are trying to find out if it is too punishing because they start to fall very fast, and if how they just kinda disappeared is acceptable or if they want them to still be intractable when they fall.

  Boost mechanic was also worked on which gives a reason for players to grab collectables.  With the collectables they will be able to use quickly boost to max speed to in which ever direction they are currently moving.  We want to know if players would rather have to send you in the direction of your shield or not.  

Finally we took our second stab at the slipstream.  Slipstream has brought us many problems in the past whether it be due to frame rate,  ability for the player to stay in the slip, ability for the player to come out of the slip cleanly.  I do believe we have fixed all three problems but we need players using them without knowing what used to happen to see if they can break it or if it works good enough.  

In other interesting news via our twitter @TMTgames we were contacted by Infinite Respawn  a game blogging site that has their own podcast, has ask to interview us about our development process our plans and what the game is going turn into.  Which was quite exciting for us and we will most likely pursue.  Time is moving quickly and we have to pick up the pace to match it.  With green mountain gaming and mid terms right around the corner we have a lot of iterations to do.

It's going to be an interesting ride,

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