Friday, March 28, 2014

Capstone more

The weeks just seem to be melding together.  We're making progress but not as much are we need to, at least in the art department.  We apparently have 100+ assets but we have yet to see about a half dozen in game.  Things really need to start coming together or I fear the worst.

But that isn't fully my worry, I'm busy with programming.  And while on the art department we did end up getting in a few animations for the character which start to make the game feel more alive.  We have an animation as the games starts, an animation for going between 100-200 speed and an animation for going anything above that.  We ran into a lot of trouble scripting the animations together.  Things like scaling the animation correctly from maya to unity,  fixing rotations on parts of the wheel that shouldn't be moving while we are rolling, and actually getting part of the model to shrink and re appear.  This all had to do with parent child interaction issues in unities hierarchy.  But luckily they are worked out and made it into the game.  The mid speed animation does need some work, testers had a very hard time noticing it, but this brings up the question can we afford to make a second pass on them when we still have so much art demand as it is? This weeks friday meeting was suppose to solve that for us but neither of our artists could make it.

Our menu system got another large change giving our level select a carousel effect to allow pictures to visually represent the levels so people can see what they are getting themselves into, we are hoping to get that carousel animated however at the moment we aren't sure if the art pipeline can handle another request like this.  We might just have to deal with static changes for now and hope it's good enough.

Other than that we had miscellaneous bug fixes with ghosts working correctly with our new 3 2 1 start system and some collision issues with our new wheel type objects but other then that theses were the main accomplishments on the programming side this week. Hopefully this next week gets a lot of art in, we definitely need it, as time is running out.

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