Friday, April 4, 2014

Capstone: Trying to polish

This week we finally came to the realization how much more work our levels need. There are too many, a lot of them are very clunky and break the flow that VXT players crave. And they art order is too much for our artists to fill.  So this week I played not the role I am but the role the team needed. Most of my work was on the design and QA front.

We realized that only Brian actually knew how to make a VXT level that captured that sense of speed, and he did it fairly well 4 times in a row. So as a novice player with many ideas about our game I've been working along side him, to run through our levels find the hard breaking points like the 90 degree angles, or poor choice of phase wall useage, and remove, edit, and remake them.  We've decided to cut down from 16 level to about 8 which means a lot has to go and a lot has to change.

I wrote up a detailed list of all things in all levels that I thought were good and bad, this way we can start grabbing the good parts our designers made and start to string them together to hopefully make 8 refreshing and smooth levels very quickly and with input from all 4 main designers and myself .

 I was able to help debug some object that weren't working correctly due to programming issues but mostly I was there to brainstorm and I feel like this is really helping the game as a whole. We needed this hands on feedback and tweaking from the beginning, there is a rough 10 days ahead of us and we're going to give it all we got to make it right.

It's taco time to the max.

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